3 Tips for A Listing Appointment

3 Tips for A Listing Appointment

-Do Your Homework

Before meeting with a seller, gather as much information as you can. Where do they want to go. What is their time frame. Where are they going. And most importantly what is their why! Understanding the why is one of the most important factors in connecting with a client.

-Be prepared

Confirm the time. Know their balance and have a net sheet ready. And most importantly, understand the contract. 

-Run Your Comps

Don’t just pull up properties down the street. Truly understand them. Drive by them. Call on pending listings and see what they are in escrow for. Know the days on market in that city. Know the days on market in that county to compare and contrast. Knowing the data is what separates good agents from great agents. 

How else do you prepare for a listing appointment? Let me know in the comments below and share this with an agent that it can help!

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