3 Tips to Make Content Consistently

3 Tips to Make Content Consistently


- Decide What Your Content Pillars Are

For me, it’s real estate humor, real estate knowledge, business/marketing tips and mindset. Identify what type of content you want to make and stick with it. 

- Brainstorm Your Ideas 

Take note of holidays and special events you have coming up. Write down questions that you get a lot. Search the web for ideas. I use the notepad app on my iPhone and any time I’m inspired by something or see an article I like, I write it down to come back to later. 

- Write Your Captions for a Month

This is arguably the hardest part for me but writing the caption in advance will remove the resistance to skip a day when you’re not feeling inspired. One micro tip that I constantly hear powerhouse marketers push is always having a CTA or call to action  in your caption that encourages people to engage. 

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