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Los Angeles's Top Residential Sales in 2023 - Part Two

Are you curious about the most luxurious homes sold in Los Angeles in 2023? Well, you're in luck! The Real Deal has released their annual essential book of real estate statistics and facts, and we've got the scoop on the top residential sales. These homes are beyond stunning. Let's dive into the top three sales in Los Angeles for 2023.

Number 3: 71 Beverly Park, Beverly Park, California

Coming in at number three is 71 Beverly Park, located in the exclusive Beverly Park neighborhood. You might remember that number four was also in Beverly Park, but this home takes luxury to a whole new level. Sold by none other than America's favorite bad boy, Calvin Klein underwear model and blockbuster star, Mark Wahlberg, this home is truly unreal.

Key Features:

  • Price: $55 million
  • Location: Beverly Park, California
  • Size: Over 30,000 square feet
  • Bedrooms: 12
  • Bathrooms: 20

With more than 30,000 square feet of living space, this mansion is like something out of a movie. The grounds are spectacular, featuring everything you could dream of in a luxury estate. It's no wonder this property fetched a whopping $55 million!

Number 2: 2571 Wallingford Drive, Beverly Crest, California

Sliding in at number two is 2571 Wallingford Drive in Beverly Crest. This home garnered significant attention last year, and for good reason. The buyers were none other than the famous power couple, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. Their relationship status might be a topic of gossip, but there's no denying the splendor of their new home.

Key Features:

  • Price: $60.85 million
  • Location: Beverly Crest, California
  • Size: 38,000 square feet
  • Bedrooms: 12
  • Bathrooms: 25

This estate boasts an impressive 38,000 square feet of living space, with 12 bedrooms and 25 bathrooms. It's a true palace, providing ample space for entertaining and luxurious living. The price tag? A staggering $60.85 million. But for JLo and Ben, it's a small price to pay for such grandeur.

What to Expect Next?

Curious about the number one residential sale in Los Angeles for 2023? You'll have to stay tuned for part three. But if these homes are any indication, it's going to be even more spectacular.

Why These Homes Stand Out

These homes are not just expensive; they represent the pinnacle of luxury living in Los Angeles. From sprawling estates with dozens of rooms to meticulously landscaped grounds, these properties offer everything you could possibly desire in a dream home.

Beverly Park vs. Beverly Crest

  • Beverly Park: Known for its ultra-exclusive community and celebrity residents.
  • Beverly Crest: Offers spectacular views and privacy, making it a favorite among the elite.


Living in Los Angeles means having access to some of the most luxurious homes in the world. Whether you're drawn to the exclusivity of Beverly Park or the stunning views of Beverly Crest, these neighborhoods offer unparalleled luxury. The top residential sales of 2023 showcase the best of what LA has to offer.

If you're shopping for homes in Los Angeles or Southern California, keep these incredible properties in mind. And don't forget to follow for part three, where we'll reveal the number one residential sale of 2023. Happy house hunting!

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