I Climbed Mt. Everest

 This is one of the many recordings on Everest I never shared. I shot this at Camp 2 after having reached the summit earlier that day.

On this day last year, May 15, 2022, I summited Mt. Everest. Crazy how time flies because the only thing I am climbing these days is over diaper caddies and binkies.

I think about this trip all the time and every day I am grateful to have had this experience. For anyone that is hungry to do something big, think bigger.

After having reached a goal that I chased for 10 years my only regret is that I accomplished it thinking that it was at my threshold. It wasn’t even close. I wish my 21-year-old self would have dreamed to do it with no oxygen.

I am looking forward to the many different summits I have ahead of me because we are just getting started.

Keep in your prayers over the next few days all the climbers attempting the summit and drop me a 🏔 in the comments below if you are dreaming big.

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