“Interested people watch obsessed people change the world.”

“Interested people watch obsessed people change the world.”⁣

⁣Tim Grover

This past week I spent 2 days learning among the top agents from all over the world. ⁣

Learning how to better serve our clients, learning how to better run our business, and most importantly learning how to be the best versions of ourselves in order to be the best for everyone else. ⁣

One thing that I walked away with is that it takes obsession to make radical change happen. ⁣

Whatever it is that you truly desire to accomplish, you cannot be just interested in making it happen but absolutely willing to do whatever it takes.⁣

I made the commitment when I started in real estate to be one of the best in this business and 33 years later I am obsessed with being able to deliver service and value that is unrivaled. ⁣

Thank you Tom Ferry for an amazing event. Words don’t capture how much we walked away with. ⁣

So what are you obsessed with accomplishing? The year just started and whatever we want is ours for the taking. Let me know in the comments below!⁣

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