This is what NAHREP is all About!

Thank you NAHREP LA for allowing me to be part of such incredible panel of speakers. It was humbling to be sitting aside a group of such heavy hitters.
I walked away empowered and also recognized that people that associate with NAHREP are all about giving value, being consistent and focused on getting better.
When I was first asked to join NAHREP my immediate reaction was l… I’m not Hispanic. I don’t think I’m the only one that has that gut reaction when they hear of an organization like this but what I quickly learned was it doesn’t matter whether you’re Hispanic, Egyptian, Asian or anything in between.
What matters is that you believe in sustainable homeownership. That you believe in empowering real estate professionals and home buyers and sellers with real estate education and information..
I can’t wait for the next event and I just can’t say thank you enough for allowing me to participate in such a special evening. Counting down the days until October 13…

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