Why windows are important

3 things to consider about windows ??

????Ease of operation – if windows are hard to open and close, that might become a safety issue as well as an energy one.

A window that doesn’t close properly leaves room for drafts, sending your hard-earned money in heating and cooling right out.

????Draftiness – This is especially hard to track in the summer but not impossible. If the house seems drafty around the windows, they might be due for replacement.

New windows but still drafty? They might not be the right windows for your house. Proper energy efficient windows should keep the heat out in the summer and the cold out in the winter.

????Durability – You don’t want windows you’re going to have to replace the following year or even 7 years down the line. Ask the right questions: Are they double pane windows? What kind of gas fills the windows? Do they have heat mirror to reflect UV rays? If the windows look like they have condensation on the inside they might not be properly insulated anymore.

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